Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shred the Gnar Ski and Board playlist(rock/acoustic)

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So for this genre of music I like mixing a bunch of genres together like reggae, rock, acoustic, ska, and im crazy but a little bit of jazz but for this playlist ill focus on rock/acoustical stuff. So to hit this off I like hittin the mountain wit a little bit of screaming because it gets my energy pumping and I throw down when I have high energy words and rhythm running through my vains, then I calm it down wit really heavy guitar and soft singing, and then I jump back into rock wit some random jack johnson. If your not into switching up artists every song then I suggest loading down on these "albums" from these artists
Yellowcard "Lights and sounds"
linkin Park "Reanimation"
Jack Johnson "In between dreams"
City and Colour "Bring me your love"
Emery "In shallow seas we fail"
Other artists that have great songs but I dont have specific album recommendations would be
Hawthorne Heights
Senses Fail
The Starting line
The fall of troy
All time low
Armor for sleep 
Story of the Year
Jimmy Eat World
So enjoy, comment, follow, and have fun shreddin!

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