Monday, December 27, 2010

What I listen to when I shred the pow(chill)......

Alright so first when im shreddin some good powder at say like brundage or tamarack resort i like to get way chill so this is for really easy listening that keeps your body flowin at a good pace alot of instrumental wit some wordz of wizdom throw in depending on the mood but not yet rap so check it.

Moon - Little People by The Select
2 Other songs i love by the little people is "unsaid" and "start shootin" great feel good tracks
next on the list is
05 - Countless Stars ft. Stymie (Counting Stars) by perryhiphop
These guys have great flow over one of my favorite instrumental artists nujabes and his song "counting stars"
Free download if you have a soungcloud account which takes 5 seconds to make
Glitch mob-Between Two Points (feat. Swan) by bewickphoto
This stuff is way legit and gets me down to earth when im on the mountain. look up glitch mob if you havnt they have great stuff i recommend "drive it like you stole it" another great song
Frank Sinatra # Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Word by ifeelnofret
Sorry i had to but frank sinatra "fly me to the moon" i dont know its amazing haha but not every1 loves jazz when there shreddin so dont judge me

So thats all i got for listenable tracks heres a list of artist and song recommendations if that didnt get you started enough "walk in the sky" by Bonobo" aruarian dance" by Nujabes "really chill guitar beat" "savagely attacked by aliens" by Samiyam "how to serve man" by El-p "jazzhole" by Free the Robots, really jazzy be warned "drugs" by Ratatat "north" by Phoenix

This will be updated as I have more time but if you like an artist then go to youtube and search up ther name in the videos watch and click related maybe you will find something else you like

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