Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writing music! skylar o'donnel conner quigley
Girl at the bar listen to this great song just creating buzz!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the ultimate shred playlist ever made....... for surf,skate,snow,work, whatever ur shredding

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Search up this music and you will be suprised how much is legally free because of the nice artists who are trying to get ther names noticed with your help check out the lists of artists featured in this playlist below and google them or them for free downloads straight from the artist.
This is the craziest playlist ive made yet filled with bass heavy electronic music for the techno dancers out ther but yet also loaded wit underground hip hop for the people that got king kong in ther trunk. rap, dubstep, beats, drum n bass, grime, chill, reggae, instrumentals, this playlist is bumpin for a good day of shredding with artists like mac miller, dope fiction, symmetry, flux pavilion, lupe fiasco, not justin beiber!, sam adams, thomax, and more!
enjoy-peace-have fun!
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---pacewon, aesop rock, jazz liberators, bare noize, bugus, camp lo, cashmere, chase & status, curren$y, chiddy bang, classified, dj swift, dope fiction, empire of the sun, flux pavilion, famous, feed me, fortune family, the glitch mob, gorilla warfare tactics, hieroglyphics, input, j.cole, j.rabbit, jeremih, kanye west, laroo the hard hitta, lupe fiasco, mac miller, sam adams, macklemore, ryan lewis, max romeo, modestep, naughty by nature, netsky, nirvana, phetsta, plastic silence, pretty lights, prime dubstep, ls royale, the roots, thomax, saigon, shiny toy guns, simian mobile disco, skee lo, skrillex, symmetry, xv, the band perry, natalie kills,  arion dubstep, trypt dubstep!
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live 2 shred shred 2 live

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shred hard with some electronic music Jeah!

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Here comes the electronic music!!! this stuff is high energy and chuck full of bass!!! gotta have really nice headphones or a bumpin car system to fully appreciate this music here. Mostly filled with dubstep i threw in a little of everything so you wont be dissapointed. enjoy the music from people like flux pavilion, deadmau5, nero, and many others.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

welcome to hip hop ski and board playlist

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get RingtonesAlright here's for the hip hop lovers that dig the beats wit chill wordz that bring some real heat. Fo sho one of my favorite genre of musics to shred to will be hip hop and rap wit a little bit of pop. Im not much for the hardcore rap but a little gets me by so I didnt fail u all and I threw in a little jedi mind tricks. If u dig any of these artists just search up some of there other music on itunes and click ther' highest rated music and prepared to be tranced into some legit tunes. If thats alot of work ill be updating soon so have no fear ill be your perfect ear when it comes to finding this stuff.
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Shred the Gnar Ski and Board playlist(rock/acoustic)

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So for this genre of music I like mixing a bunch of genres together like reggae, rock, acoustic, ska, and im crazy but a little bit of jazz but for this playlist ill focus on rock/acoustical stuff. So to hit this off I like hittin the mountain wit a little bit of screaming because it gets my energy pumping and I throw down when I have high energy words and rhythm running through my vains, then I calm it down wit really heavy guitar and soft singing, and then I jump back into rock wit some random jack johnson. If your not into switching up artists every song then I suggest loading down on these "albums" from these artists
Yellowcard "Lights and sounds"
linkin Park "Reanimation"
Jack Johnson "In between dreams"
City and Colour "Bring me your love"
Emery "In shallow seas we fail"
Other artists that have great songs but I dont have specific album recommendations would be
Hawthorne Heights
Senses Fail
The Starting line
The fall of troy
All time low
Armor for sleep 
Story of the Year
Jimmy Eat World
So enjoy, comment, follow, and have fun shreddin!

Monday, December 27, 2010

What I listen to when I shred the pow(chill)......

Alright so first when im shreddin some good powder at say like brundage or tamarack resort i like to get way chill so this is for really easy listening that keeps your body flowin at a good pace alot of instrumental wit some wordz of wizdom throw in depending on the mood but not yet rap so check it.

Moon - Little People by The Select
2 Other songs i love by the little people is "unsaid" and "start shootin" great feel good tracks
next on the list is
05 - Countless Stars ft. Stymie (Counting Stars) by perryhiphop
These guys have great flow over one of my favorite instrumental artists nujabes and his song "counting stars"
Free download if you have a soungcloud account which takes 5 seconds to make
Glitch mob-Between Two Points (feat. Swan) by bewickphoto
This stuff is way legit and gets me down to earth when im on the mountain. look up glitch mob if you havnt they have great stuff i recommend "drive it like you stole it" another great song
Frank Sinatra # Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Word by ifeelnofret
Sorry i had to but frank sinatra "fly me to the moon" i dont know its amazing haha but not every1 loves jazz when there shreddin so dont judge me

So thats all i got for listenable tracks heres a list of artist and song recommendations if that didnt get you started enough "walk in the sky" by Bonobo" aruarian dance" by Nujabes "really chill guitar beat" "savagely attacked by aliens" by Samiyam "how to serve man" by El-p "jazzhole" by Free the Robots, really jazzy be warned "drugs" by Ratatat "north" by Phoenix

This will be updated as I have more time but if you like an artist then go to youtube and search up ther name in the videos watch and click related maybe you will find something else you like

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Live 2 Shred

Making the perfect ski playlist is hard so let me help.
When im skiing I like to have really up beat chill music running through my vain's with the exception of a little dubstep( So ill be posting alot of my favorite chill rap, hip hop, reggae, and rock.
Pick and choose what u like im only listing what gets me through a perfect powdery day on the mountain.
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